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Factors that Influence Stairway Lift Pricing

A stairway lift can be a wonderful addition to a home where a person with mobility challenges resides. However, many homeowners who would benefit from a stair lift in their home mistakenly believe that these technological innovations are far out of the price that most can afford.

Although it is true that a stairway lift is a major investment for many families, they may be more affordable than you think.  In recent years many manufacturers of stairway lifts have entered the market (Acorn, Summit, Ameriglide, and more) and with this competition prices have started to decline, sometimes dramatically.

There are certain features that will make a stairway lift either more or less expensive.  First, you should look at the type of staircase the stairway lift will climb.  If it is a straight stairway, you are in luck, since curved stairway models are generally more expensive.

Second, the lifting capacity of the stairway lift influences its pricing.  The more “heavy duty” the stairway lift is built to be, the more expensive it will be as well.  This may be worth the price in the long run, however, since more durable stair lifts will need fewer (if any) repairs down the road.

Name brand reputation may also influence the price.  You certainly do not want to be paying more for a stairway lift simply because it is a popular brand.  To avoid this, do thorough comparison shopping of different companies, large and small, that produce stairway lifts.  But also be sure to research manufacturer reviews, particularly of the lesser known companies, to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company as well.

There are also additional options to help reduce the costs of stairway lifts, including creative financing, state provided assistance (Medicare may help with some of the costs, for example), or leasing arrangements.  You can also look into to buying a good refurbished or used stairway lift model, but if you go this route be sure you have a good warranty as well in case it has problems soon after installation.

With the proper research, you may find that a stairway lift is an investment your family can afford.  Of course, it is impossible to put a price on the freedom for one to move easily about their own home.

For more information about stairway lifts, including some of the top features you should ask about when shopping for a chair lift for stairs, please visit the Chair Lifts for Stairs Information website.