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Stair Chair Lift

If you are in the market for a stair chair lift, you will likely have many questions about how to best go about selecting and purchasing a model. There are many different choices out there for consumers, and much of the information can be confusing at best. Here we try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions people have about purchasing a stair chair lift, with the hope that you will find this information of help.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about a Stair Chair Lift

  1. Are Stair Chair Lifts Expensive?
    A: The price of a chair lift can vary considerably depending on make, model and the stairs they are put on. For example, a curved stairway will be much more expensive to fit with a stair chair lift than a straight one. Many chair lift companies have financing programs to help with the costs, and you also may be able to get some government assistance if you are on Medicare to help cover a portion of the expenses.
  2. Are Stair Chairs Safe to Use?
    Most models have excellent track records, but you should be sure to check the safety record of the manufacturer from which you are considering purchasing a stair chair. The most important thing to make sure of when purchasing any stair chair lift is that it is sized correctly for the user. Particularly in terms of weight capacity, since a chair that is overloaded may fall and serious hurt someone.
  3. What Other Kind of Stair Lifts are Available?
    If you are in a wheel chair, you may want to consider purchasing a wheel chair stair lift instead. If you have trouble bending at your knees and getting in and out of chairs, a standing stair elevator may be a better choice. Although stair chairs are quite popular, they are not for everyone and you need to seriously consider your mobility needs before selecting what kind of stair lift you will be purchasing.
  4. Where Can I Get More Information?
    There are numerous articles here at the Chair Lifts for Stairs website, so feel free to browse these articles for useful information.

You should also keep in mind that when you purchase a stair chair lift from a manufacturer, you may be subject to high pressure sales tactics from some of the representatives. Do not be hurried into making a decision. Instead, take your time to research various different models and manufacturers online until you find a model that is best suited both for your home and your budget!