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How to Select a Stair Chair Lift Properly for a User

If you are considering purchasing a stair chair lift in the near future for yourself or a loved one, you should consider some of the following questions when shopping for the model best suited for your needs:

First, will the user of the stair chair lift be most comfortable standing or sitting, given the mobility issues they face?  Their are stair chair lift models built for either preference, as well as special handicap stair lift models that can accommodate wheel chairs.

Once you know what is the basic stair chair lift preference is, you should next consider the size of the individual using it.  Stair chair lift models for children, for example, would not suite any adult using the lift.  Neither would a stair lift for a small sized senior necessarily be suitable for a large adult.  Both the weight and size of the individual using the stair chair lift needs to be accounted for when making a selection.

You also need to consider the ability of the person using the stair chair lift to use different types of controls on the lift.  If the person the chair lift will be serving has difficulty using the hand controls, you will need to make sure that the controls are easily accessible to a caretaker, or choose a model which has simpler control features.

Other disabilities that also should be accounted for include issues with vision.  If the user is blind or has poor eyesight, there are auditory controls that can be put in place instead of visual ones.  These will let the user know when the chair lift has fully finished moving from on level of the house to the other and it is safe to leave.

By taking the above factors into account when shopping for different stair chair lift models, you will be well on you way to choosing the model best suited for yourself or your loved one.  For more information about stair chair lifts, please visit the Chair Lift for Stairs information page.