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Chair Lifts for Stairs

There is a lot of variation among manufacturers in terms of the actual prices for chair lifts for stairs.  Prices will depend also on what kind of chair lifts for stairs you are interested in purchasing and what type of stairs you have.  Other factors that can affect price include whether you are buying a new or refurbished model, installation costs, and whether you will be receiving some kind of government assistance or rebate.

Prices for a simple chair lift for straight stairs often range between $3000 to $4000, but for more elaborate stairways and chairs, the price can be as much as $15,000 (or even more, in some cases). For this reason, you should carefully compare manufacturers, prices and features.  Many companies selling chair lifts for stairs are reluctant to give a price quote over the phone or internet.  This is because they often want to assess your stairs and needs first, and in some cases, this also may be because they are hoping to make a “hard sell” once they are in the door.  You may need to be quite firm when requesting a quote, letting the company representative know that you will move on to another company if they will not give you some kind of preliminary price range based on basic information over the phone or by internet regarding your stairway type and needs.

If you are looking to reduce your chair lift costs, you may want to consider purchasing an used or refurbished model.  In these cases, however, you will also want to make sure there is some kind of warranty to make repairs if some are needed soon after installation (preferably at least a twelve month warranty).  Renting a chair stair lift is another option offered by some companies.

If you are in real need of chair lift for stairs but do not have the cash at hand to make the purchase, some companies will also pursue some creative financing arrangements with you, including reverse mortgages, home equity loans and other loan arrangements. Unfortunately, government subsidies are not usually available for chair lifts for stairs purchases (in the United States, at least).

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