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Chair Lift Stairs: Curved versus Straight

When shopping for a chair lift, stairs style will be a large determining factor in how much you will have to pay to have your chair lift installed in your home.  The main purpose of a chair lift is, of course, to elevate a person between different levels of a home, but not all houses stairs have similar designs and prices.  A beautifully curved staircase may have been a plus when originally purchasing a home, but when you are pricing chair lifts for stairs they may become a pricey investment indeed.

In general chair lift stairs are best if they are straight rail staircases.  These are the easiest models for most chair lift manufacturers to accommodate and they will be the cheapest chair lift for stairs models you can purchase.

However, you can purchase a chair lift for winding stairs.  Curved rail staircases will require individual fitting and meticulous measurements, and will incur additional pricing and material costs.  Still, the freedom of mobility will likely well be worth the price for yourself or a loved one.

Another major disadvantage of curved rail staircases is that it will be harder to find cheaper chair lift options for your stairs.  Most rentals or refurbished chair lifts for stairs will be designed for straight rail staircases.

If you have a curved rail stairway and are committed to having a chair lift installed on these stairs, you should certainly price comparison shop with different manufacturers.  You can easily contact chair lift for stairs companies like Acorn, Bruno, Summit online to start the price quote process.  Do not be pressured to make a quick purchase, however, by any sales representative.  Take your time and compare prices carefully between these and other chair lift manufacturers.

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