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Chair Lift for Stairs Safety

Stairs present a mobility challenge and often danger for the elderly, handicapped, and other struggling with mobility issues.  Falls down stairs are a leading cause of serious injury among these groups and purchasing a chair lift for stairs can significantly reduce concerns about falls for these vulnerable groups.

With a chair lift for stairs you will not only be securing a more safe method for movement up and down stairs by those with mobility challenge, you will also often be securing an important degree of independence as well for many in these groups.  By having a chair lift for stairs at home, seniors and those with mobility handicaps will not be dependent on others to move about or leave their own households.

If you are research chair lift for stairs models for you home, you should keep in mind that although these models will help resolve many concerns about falls, they also are not without flaws and may pose some new concerns as well.  For example, if you live in an area with frequent power outages, the chair lift for stairs model you purchase should be battery operated so that the person using it will not be stranded in a black out.  You should also make sure that the model you purchase is stable and secure enough for the user.  If the person who is using the lift has trouble bending at the knees, you may also want to consider purchasing a standing model instead of a chair lift model.  Those who have a lot of trouble moving from wheelchairs may need a wheel chair lift instead of a chair lift for stairs.

By considering the unique needs of the person who needs mobility assistance on stairs, you should be able to ascertain the best model for your household.  For many this will be a chair lift for stairs model, but wheel chair and standing lifts should also be considered.

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