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Bruno Chair Lifts: A Review

Mobility is a serious problem for some and when mobility issues arise, it can seem to throw everything out of balance. Having a chair lift installed in your home can often be the best solution to mobility problems. This is where Bruno chair lifts come in.

No matter what type of chair lift that you need, Bruno is sure to have it for you. There are two different sets of chair lifts that Bruno makes and these are for indoor curved staircases and outdoor/indoor straight staircases. No matter which one you have, there is a solution. When looking at the Bruno name, you can be assured of over 20 years of quality construction. These are not just plain chair lifts. This is a lifesaver for many who just need a little help going upstairs and downstairs. There are plenty of models to choose from and these can depend on the type of staircase that you have. If you want to take a look at an indoor/outdoor model for example and the Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite is just perfect for this particular problem.

So can you trust the Bruno name with your precious cargo? The answer is yes. This company is the only manufacturer that carries the ISO-9001 certification for all of the chair lifts that it produces. Each of these chair lifts is custom made for the particular staircase in question. Take for example the Electra-Ride III with a generous seat size 400 lb weigh capacity, direct drive motor and digital diagnostic. These are just some of the features of this curved staircase model. This model has several options such as power swivel seat, mid park and charge locations for staircases with a landing and different rail options.

Bruno chair lifts can be the answer to any type of mobility problem that you or a loved one may be facing. Losing mobility is hard, but Bruno gives you your mobility back and as far as being reputable, they are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. You simply cannot get any better than that. These models are quiet and strong meaning that there is less noise while transferring up or down stairs. While it may go without saying that you may need a chair lift, trust Bruno to deliver the goods and protect your mobility at the same time.

Chair lifts sometimes are a way of life and Bruno can make it much easier for you to live independently in your own home with the use of one of their chairlifts. No matter what type of stairs that you have, a chair lift from Bruno keeps you independent and living on your own. You can also find Bruno dealers worldwide and their service is second to none. If you are finding yourself in need of a chair lift, then why not find out what Bruno has to offer. You have your mobility to gain and nothing to lose by finding out more.

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