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Advantages and Disadvantages of Stair Chairs

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a home stair chair?

Stair chairs are mechanical chair lifts that allow the elderly, handicapped and other mobility challenged individuals move easily between different floors of a house.  One of the biggest advantages of stair chairs has to be the independence it can give these individuals.  If a person has mobility challenges and is unable to leave their own home without assistance from others, they are likely to feel trapped and helpless.  The emotional relief and the sense of freedom stair chairs can provide these individuals is priceless.

Caretakers also benefit from having stair chairs in a home.  Moving a disabled person down stairs without such a device can be a dangerous proposition.  So safety is yet another important advantage of home stair chairs.

Another advantage of stair chairs is that they can allow a person with a mobility issue to remain in a home that they love and have lived in for a long time.  Often seniors and disabled individuals are forced to move because of their mobility issues that prevent them from living in houses with stairs, but a stair chair eliminates this need altogether.

Probably the biggest disadvantages of installing a stair chair in a house is the cost.  Stair chairs can be expensive to purchase, although recently prices are declining due to competition between manufacturers.  You can also look into leasing a stair chair if you can not afford to purchase one, or possibly purchase a refurbished or used stair chair in good condition.

Another disadvantage may be the “damage” done to certain staircases when the stair chair is installed.  For those with beautifully crafted wood stairways, it may be hard to see the railings removed or modified so that the stair chair can be installed.  Still, given the independence these devices offer, this is likely to be only a fleeting concern.

By carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages of installing a stair chair, you should be able to come to the right conclusion for you or your loved one regarding whether a stair chair is right in your home.  For more informative articles to help with decision, please visit the Chair Lifts for Stairs information page.